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We want to enhance our skills and demonstrate the quality of our educational experience.

Are you a designer looking to learn CET, Spec, or Worksheet at your own pace? A manager working to onboard a new designer? Or, maybe you are a salesperson who would like to learn 20% of CET or understand how to use files sent to you by a designer. 

Free access allows you to view the first few videos from our first courses: CET Path for Design, CET Path for Sales, Spec Path, and Worksheet Path. These videos walk you through how to install the technology along with some basic navigation inside of each software platform. We also offer a few advanced training videos including the introduction to a professional development series called “Tips for Winning Design” with glimpses of other exclusive POP content.

Since this is just a sample of what we offer subscribers, if you would like to see behind the paywall, contact us at [email protected] for a full tour or trial.