Independent Designer Registry


Everyone feels the industry evolving. Designers who had not been able to work outside of the office have now been working remotely or hybrid. In some cases, the added flexibility has been so appreciated that we try our hands at contract work.

Let's be clear, this is a bold decision! If you are someone who has gone in that direction, you are most likely confident in your design skills. You are also aware that ongoing education and marketing to new customers may become your largest obstacles.

While The Design POP already has training resources available, we are also commonly contacted by manufacturers, dealerships, and reps who are looking for design resources. As it is hard to keep up with each skillset in this ever-evolving landscape, we created this list to help you market your skills and preferences to those who need your expertise.

How it works: 

A independent designer who is looking for contract work fills out this form and their information is added to our registry. 

If you would like to see our list to find a contract designer you must subscribe to The Design POP. Once logged in, a link in the POP Forum will take you to the registry so you can search by applicable skill, experience, and/or manufacturer alignment. 

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