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Before virtual training became the norm, I was working at my first job in the industry as a dealer designer. This was around the same time that Configura’s CET platform launched in North America. Design training was not something we did very often due to the cost of bringing in a trainer, so I used CET daily, developed my own best practices, and finally three years later attended my first CET training.

Just a couple weeks after that, I was hired by Configura to join their Training and Support team. I remember being so excited to share all my knowledge with fellow designers, and quickly realized we’re all learning from each other — it never happens just one way!

After training on CET across the Americas, I went back to work for a dealer where I focused on using CET in business development instead of design. The design team and I still had many collaborative moments, and I once again realized they were teaching me as much about the functional use of CET as I was teaching them about the technology.

I started my first business, Silent T Consulting, with a focus on helping commercial designers through the adoption of new technology platforms. Once again, I learned something new — training will only take you so far. Repetition of topics at the right moment is necessary for new practices to be implemented.
My business pivoted to support that in 2020, as many manufacturer and dealer customers had a need for recorded training content to assist with the ongoing education of staff. I recorded hour-long sessions but noticed that many were never watched. Well, who has time to fast-forward a video to the moment they wanted to reference? No one.

So, I started to record training in 5-minute increments and The Design POP was born! The site launched in 2021 with 35 videos. Thankfully, a few of my favorite industry friends followed along by making videos on topics that felt authentic to them. Through our now 400+ searchable training videos, we support many design platforms as well as personal and professional development. I'm proud to say that we also offer courses, monthly webinars, and (most importantly) a community.

I encourage you to see if our training meets your expectations by signing up for sample content. If you have any questions or comments or want to know more, please contact us. I hope to see you on future monthly webinars and possibly as a subscriber! 

Alexandra Tseffosā€ØFounder of The Design POP + Silent T Consulting

Alexandra Tseffos

Founder of The Design POP + Silent T Consulting

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"Our dealership loves The Design POP Content! I've met Alexandra in person and what you get in her videos is who she is as a person: deeply knowledgeable, deeply kind, and full of energy. She's assembled a suite of content that's completely in line with her brand and works hard to deliver more value at the margin every month. These software packages we use in commercial interiors are a good long hike from intuitive, Alexandra is the guide you want and need!"

– Ozzie Burnham, Principal Modern Environments

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