The Design POP Contributor

Alexandra Tseffos (pronounced with a silent “T”) has a B.A. in Interior Architecture and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. She started her career as a dealer designer at Nordon Business Environments before joining Configura’s Training & Support team where she assisted dealerships and manufacturers across the Americas. Alexandra took her dealer knowledge and CET Designer skills (including her most coveted skill of designing live for clients) and joined the business development team at Fluid Interiors, calling on end-user clients and influencers in the commercial real estate market. That was her first introduction into real estate before joining CBRE Minneapolis to head business development efforts for a local tenant representation team.

Silent T Consulting is a culmination of all of this experience. This is not just about furniture application and design. This industry is about service and adding value to clients (and influencers surrounding the deal) is a necessity!

Services Include: CET Adoption, Process Improvement, Sales Training

Alexandra Tseffos
Principal Consultant, Silent T Consulting 

[email protected]

(920) 450.4442