Solutions for Contract Furniture Manufacturers

Dealer designers have alignment-specific training available to them, but what about all the other contract furniture manufacturers they’re specifying on the regular? That’s where The Design POP comes in! We’re growing a collection of manufacturer CET extension training videos to provide a one-stop shop for designer education.




Content is self-paced. ~5 minutes per video.  Always searchable. 

How we help Manufacturers:

  • We provide a place to host CET training videos specific to your extension, which are searchable by name and product type.
  • If you don’t have this content created yet, we can help you with that!
  • New content is announced through social media and a weekly newsletter to ensure designers see your latest updates.
  • We’ll provide a free, branded portal to The Design POP to support your team when they receive questions (from designers) that they can’t answer. We can’t all know everything about CET all the time!

What training does your team need to be successful? 

Our self-paced CET Path for Design will educate your internal design or customer service teams from start to finish!  CET Path for Sales could be a useful resource for your independent reps to brush up on their CET knowledge to better communicate and establish expectations with customers, dealers, and beyond.

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