POP into Excellence;

a professional development event for dealer designers & design leaders

powered by The Design POP

During NeoCon 2023, The Design POP and OFS teamed up to host an in person discussion with dealer designers regarding current and future challenges of the role. This time together identified a need in our community and sparked the creation of a new event. 

POP into Excellence is a virtual, two week event with only one or two sessions per day to match the busy schedules of designers. The event is split into two areas of focus - professional development and technology. In the professional development portion, you will hone your soft skills, dive into self exploration and learn how to collaborate with others efficiently. In the technology portion, you will build onto your existing knowledge base for efficiency within everyday tools. 

With today’s evolving market, dealer designers are being asked for more. It’s time to invest in you and your team so you can easily transform along with it. Don’t miss your opportunity to POP into Excellence! 

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Tuesday, May 14 ‚Äď 1pm Central

   Session Sponsor: OFS


Future of Dealerships

This panel of industry experts will share their thoughts on the topics that many are thinking: Will the roles of design and sales finally merge? Does the business become truly transactional due to internet competition? How do we stop giving more and start valuing our dealership's services, including design?

HOST:  Alexandra Tseffos, Silent T Consulting + The Design POP



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Wednesday, May 15 ‚Äď 11am Central

   Session Sponsor: My Resource Library

Developing a Bullet Proof Team

In this session, you will learn the keys to cultivating resilience and a growth mindset in yourself and your team, as well as 3 practical steps you can take each day to reduce stress while increasing both productivity and enjoyment.

SPEAKER: Kim Kaase, Principal at LEAP Business Coaching

Kim Kaase is a Leadership coach and strategist who can help you build a business you love - without hustle, hassle and ‚Äėhave tos‚Äô. She believes it‚Äôs possible to achieve success without striving, feeling you have to ‚Äėprove yourself‚Äô - or make sacrifices. And that trusting yourself enough to follow your own unique path - and giving yourself permission to do it your way - is the key to unlocking your ‚Äėnext level‚Äô of success (whatever that might look like for you).

Before creating her coaching practice in 2012, Kim was a key leader at a top 10 Knoll dealer rising through the ranks of Design Director to VP of Sales and Professional Services ‚Äď with no sales experience. She lives in Houston, Texas with her 18 year old son and her husband and also hold the honor of being Chief Tasting Officer for their business, Sweet Bribery.

AUDIENCE: Design Leaders


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Wednesday, May 15 ‚Äď 1pm Central

   Session Sponsor: OFS

The Power of YOU:

Designing Your Personal Brand for Growth

In today's digital age, networking and online presence have become essential for personal and professional success. To stand out, it's crucial to develop a clear, credible, and powerful personal brand. In this interactive session, led by brand strategist Aaron Estabrook, participants will learn how to apply branding principles to create a magnetic and visible personal brand.

Through this presentation, participants will discover how to turn their personal brand into a mission that inspires and engages others. They will also learn how to effectively communicate their brand through social media and in-person interactions, with ready-to-use tactics that will set them up for success.

By the end of the presentation, participants will have a clear understanding of how to present themselves as a powerful and impactful brand in the design industry and how to leverage their personal brand that is built for success to unlock new opportunities in their careers and lives. 


SPEAKER: Aaron Estabrook, Digital Marketing & Media Strategy at OFS

Aaron Estabrook is a seasoned digital marketing professional and communications consultant with nearly two decades of experience. He has successfully developed online marketing solutions for renowned brands such as OFS, MasterBrand, The Academy Awards, Mayo Clinic, Bridgestone Tires, and Oreo.

Currently, as the Director of Digital Marketing for OFS, Aaron leads media and communications strategy. He also manages Imagine a Place, a podcast network, video series, and print magazine aimed at inspiring and connecting the design community. 


AUDIENCE: Designers


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Thursday, May 16 ‚Äď 11am Central

   Session Sponsor: The Design POP

DISC & You:

Learning about yourself will help you work with others

The DISC Assessment measures how a person does what they do. It measures four behavioral factors to reveal behavior patterns. When you know your own behavioral preferences and can recognize the patterns of others, it opens-up new possibilities for communication and teaming. Step one is for you to take the online DISC assessment which only takes about 20 minutes. You will immediately get your 26 page report. During the live virtual session, Rob Langejans will share insights into what your report says about you and will help you learn how to apply key elements of your report to help you be more successful. 

Your registration includes the DISC assessment which is being subsidized by The Design POP for the event.

SPEAKER: Rob Langejans, Principal at AlwaysStrategic

Rob Langejans is committed to helping individuals and teams move from average to powerful when facing the customer. His business focuses on presentations, pitches and sales strategy. Rob had a long career at Haworth in Holland, Michigan where he excelled as a sales coach and sales trainer, with certifications from Franklin Covey, Ken Blanchard and Miller Heiman to name a few. Prior to Haworth, Rob was a presentation coach and sales consultant at Varnum Consulting to companies like Steelcase, Kellogg’s, and Plante Moran. He is an expert in strategic communications and sales strategy.

Rob and his wife Renee live in Florida.

AUDIENCE: Designers/Design Leaders


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Tuesday, May 21 ‚Äď 11am Central

   Session Sponsor: Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering 

Designing for Neurodivergence

The focus of this session is to demystifying neurodiversity by examining its key terms, the diversity of neurotypes, and their importance in fostering inclusivity. The discussion will highlight how integrating an understanding of neurotype-specific strengths and challenges with existing design principles can pave the way for workplaces that truly embrace neurodiversity.

SPEAKER: Kelly Colón, Founder of Eledex Consulting, LLC

Kelly Colón  is an inspirational leader and the driving force behind Eledex Consulting, LLC.  A unique consultancy dedicated to supporting individuals, families, organizations and institutions in their journey towards embracing and actualizing cognitive diversity as well as understanding organizational & occupational behavior. 

As an accomplished consultant, neurodivergent coach, professor, author, speaker and advocate, Kelly’s multifaceted career is rooted in a deep personal commitment to ensuring all diversity; including cognitive diversity is not merely accepted but celebrated in our workplaces, our classrooms and in society.

Her path has been shaped by her professional expertise in the built environment, her role as an educator and by lived experiences as a neurodivergent individual and parent of neurodivergent children. Diagnosed with ADHD later in life, Kelly brings a unique and insightful perspective to creating inclusive environments that recognize and respect the full spectrum of neurodivergence.

Driven by the conviction that everyone, irrespective of their differences has the inherent right to navigate life successfully without facing societal bias, Kelly’s work is a testament to the power of advocacy and innovation in fostering environments where neurodivergent individuals can feel safe, seen, heard and valued. 

AUDIENCE: Designers


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Wednesday, May 22 ‚Äď 10am Central

Discovering New Functionalities & a Glimpse into the Future

Get ready for an electrifying session were Configura's Training and Sales Ambassadors (TSAs) unveil their top picks from upcoming CET 15.0 updates, including interface changes and COM Dialogue additions. Discover how you can influence the future of Configura products through our new public product roadmap. Seamlessly navigate support changes and gain insights into our future focus areas. Get Ready to mark your calendars for upcoming events and exclusive training sessions, all packed into this thrilling journey through the cutting-edge world of Configura Products! 


Erin Corrill Global Head of User Community

Michelle Melendez Regional Training & Sales Ambassador 

Cecilia Vu Regional Training & Sales Ambassador 

Jennifer Tran Regional Training & Sales Ambassador 


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Wednesday, May 22 ‚Äď 11:30am Central

CANOA - An Introduction to Canvas

This session will explore the features of Canvas, our browser-based, 1:1 scaled design environment for designers to create data-rich furniture layouts and design presentations.


Lance Amato, Head of Customer Experience

Pearl Lopez, Senior Designer, Creative 

Stephanie Letsinger, Director of Accounts

Chelsea Flintoft, Operations Lead


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Thursday, May 23 ‚Äď 10am Central

All things Cyncly, formerly known as 2020

This session will explore Worksheet and the features that are important to being effective in your day to day work. 

SPEAKER: Amy Edington, Product Manager 


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Thursday, May 23 ‚Äď 11:30am Central

Meet Thumbprint & Learn How it's Simplifying Your Design Process

Join us as the Thumbprint team introduces the platform and previews select features that solve some of the most pressing problems for dealer designers. This session will be both informative, engaging and should answer many questions leading up to our launch at NeoCon/Design Days!


Katherine D'Zmura Friedman, Co-Founder

Sasha Perebikovsky, Co-Founder

Shane Lykins, Product Manager


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Friday, May 24 ‚Äď 12pm Central

  Session Sponsor: KISP

The Encore: Show & Tell with live demos

Join us for The Encore presentation of the POP into Excellence event, Show & Tell! This event puts the spotlight on the manufacturer tools and technologies. The inaugural Show & Tell in 2023 was a roaring success, featuring 18 manufacturers from across 4 countries. This event is a testament to manufacturers' vital role in enabling designers to create outstanding spaces.

Why Attend? Let us break it down!

  • Manufacturers:¬† Watch live presentations from your peers showcasing their latest digital tools (CET Extensions, CPQ, emerging technologies) and how they are leveraging them.
  • Designers: Cheer on the e-Tools managers as they showcase their live design skills, using their tools. Gain valuable insights into the technology available to you and provide feedback to shape the future of design tools.
  • Developers: Witness how other development partners are building innovative technology. See your products in action and support your manufacturer partner.

SPEAKER: Kari Anderson, Founder of Techbox Collective

AUDIENCE: Manufacturers, Designers, Developers, Technology Providers


Want to attend multiple sessions?  Click here to purchase an ALL ACCESS pass for $125.

Want to attend multiple sessions?

purchase an ALL ACCESS pass

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