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At Yulio, we’re building the best presentation software out there by making VR a simple, mobile, and affordable tool for business. We built Yulio to be simple to use from the ground up. And with more than 1000 hours of user testing behind us, we’ve cleared the hurdles for you. Yulio’s Virtual Reality technology was designed to close the communication gap for architects, designers, and product sellers and redefine engaging client presentations. We are always thinking about how our features will be used in meetings, presentations, and for you to share ideas with your team.

Yulio was founded in 2016 with the combined experience of visualization, entrepreneurship, and empowering businesses to do more. Yulio is used by top architectural firms and is helping train the next generation of architects where it is used at Ryerson University, Boston Architectural College, and more. Yulio is also used by some of the top furniture manufacturers and their dealer networks for RFPs, typicals, design iterations, and digital showrooms. 

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